Electrification Strategy In Europe By Ford
Ford is undergoing dynamic changes. The company recently announced the splitting of its operations into two different categories which will operate as separate entities: – Ford Model e; – Ford Blue. The reason for launching the Model e division was to accelerate the performance of the EV division of the company. Now, the company has… Read More
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Top 5 Most Efficient Electric Cars
The electric car platform is quickly gaining fame. However, the range of electric cars remains the pain point for most people looking to make the switch. Several companies often over-promise but under-deliver. This is why we felt incumbent upon us to delve into the matter on our own. So, here we have populated the list… Read More
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Volkswagen ID Buzz Is Finally Here
VW has was an early adopter of the EV revolution and thus the company has seen tremendous results, thanks to its ID.3 & ID.4 models. When it comes to EVs, VW is excited to expand its product range as it has realized that future sales will be dominated by this segment. The company is committed… Read More
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Best-Selling EVs In Germany 2021, According To The KBA
Electric vehicle sales in Germany skyrocketed 13.6% in 2021, despite a global slowdown in auto sales owing to the crunch in computer chip supplies, as more car buyers opt for battery electric vehicles. According to data from the KBA motor authority, electric vehicle (EV) makers sold over 680,000 new passenger cars (BEVs and PHEVs) in… Read More
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VW Sets Aside Nearly €2 Billion For New Factory Producing Trinity High-Efficiency Long-Range Electric Car
VW has been doing well in the EV segment. The VW ID.3 & ID.4 were among the continent’s bestselling electric vehicles during 2021. This has bolstered the company’s confidence in setting aside a massive budget of around €2 billion for a new factory. This new manufacturing setup will be located in Wolfsburg, Germany. This factory… Read More
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Best Selling EVs In Sweden 2021
Out of all the Nordic states, Sweden is the most pivotal because of the largest number of auto vehicles. The EV segment has been striving all over Europe but Sweden is a special case. The government of Sweden is offering a special bonus on the purchase of these vehicles. You can comprehend how famous the… Read More
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Best Selling EVs In The Netherlands 2021
The electric vehicle segment is flourishing in the Netherlands which is one of the countries with the most extensive charging infrastructures in Europe. In 2021, 30% of all the vehicles sold in the country were based on the electric platform whereas the number rose to 65% during the last month of 2021. So, taking a… Read More
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Top Safest EV Picks For 2022
When it comes to vehicles, safety is paramount. This is why it is one of the determining factors for customers while choosing vehicles. The list of safest vehicles for 2022 has been recently announced by IIHS. IIHS is the acronym for Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This year’s safety picks were different from the past.… Read More
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Best-selling EVs in the UK 2021
Electric vehicles have been gaining market share in the past few years, and 2021 represented the best year sales, despite the lingering effect of the pandemic. The year saw the introduction of several models to the market while existing models continued to sell well. The top ten best-selling EVs in the UK in 2021 were:… Read More
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A Sad Instance As 4000 Luxury Cars Get Burnt
A really sad incident recently took place near the coast of Portugal when a car transporter caught fire resulting in the loss of 4000 luxury cars that were being transported through it. Which Vehicles Were These? Felicity Ace Ship was carrying these cars that had been manufactured by automakers such as Bentley, Audi and Porsche.… Read More
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