Tesla Model X Review
Tesla Model X is one SUV that you see and instantly get the feeling that this is something different. It’s not just the looks of this vehicle, its falcon doors or the fast nature rather the entire package which makes the vehicle extremely adrenaline-charged. The ease of driving the Model X makes it extremely fun to… Read More
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Panasonic Energy & Tesla Have Joined Forces By Producing 4680 Battery Cells
The idea of the 4680 battery cell technology was first floated by Tesla for its Model Y vehicles to be manufactured in the Texas Gigafactory. However, the company simply can’t achieve the massive production quantum required for the project on its own. This is why it has to rely on several partners. Why Is Panasonic… Read More
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Tesla Has Increased Prices For All Models
The electric vehicle segment is heating up & major players have already been able to set themselves up in the field. Tesla is one such company that is presently operating not just in North America but also in Europe. Price Increase By Tesla Tesla has recently announced an increase in prices of all models. This… Read More
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Tesla Model Y: Puzzling 449 Kilometer Range
According to reports, Tesla the industry giant is planning to launch another version of its highly anticipated Model Y that will have a range of 449 kilometers. For getting to know where the latest version of this vehicle stands, here is what the brand is presently offering in its Tesla Model Y lineup: – The… Read More
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FSD Beta Update By Tesla: What To Expect?
Elon Musk is often termed a living legend. This is because he has a thing for technology and innovation like no other human being alive at the moment. The concept of a FSD Beta update (Full Self Driving technology) inspires Tesla’s founder more than all of us which is why he has been extremely invested… Read More
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Supercharger Bug Leads To Half A Million Euro Bill For A Tesla Owner In China
For a long time, Tesla owners were not required to pay anything at the company’s superchargers. However, with time the service was terminated. The major reason behind this was that the company needed resources to expand its Supercharger setup globally. While the system developed by the company for these superchargers is normally pretty good, there… Read More
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President Zelensky Invites Elon Musk To Ukraine After The War
The Russia-Ukraine war has affected thousands of lives. While hundreds people have been killed and the overall situation seems pretty dejecting, Tesla has played a positive overall role. Tesla’s Role During The War The company offered free EV charging facilities to EV users of all brands in three European countries. This was done to help… Read More
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Honda & Sony Team Up For A Brighter EV Future
The EV world is seeing a gargantuan increase. This is causing several startups to join this platform. However, seeing the huge lucrative potential that this segment offers, major players are also jumping on board. Rumours have been that Apple is already working on its version of the electric vehicle. Therefore, Sony, the Japanese electronics giant… Read More
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Cybertruck Accessories For A Tesla Truck That Doesn’t Exist
Tesla is known for its sleek designs and cutting edge technology. However, the Tesla Cybertruck looks like it has been designed by a toddler. The sharp edges and unethical looks of the truck made the people laugh when it was launched in 2019 because even a vehicle from more than a century ago has better… Read More
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Top Safest EV Picks For 2022
When it comes to vehicles, safety is paramount. This is why it is one of the determining factors for customers while choosing vehicles. The list of safest vehicles for 2022 has been recently announced by IIHS. IIHS is the acronym for Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This year’s safety picks were different from the past.… Read More
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