Tesla Has Increased Prices For All Models
The electric vehicle segment is heating up & major players have already been able to set themselves up in the field. Tesla is one such company that is presently operating not just in North America but also in Europe. Price Increase By Tesla Tesla has recently announced an increase in prices of all models. This… Read More
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Best-Selling EVs In Germany 2021, According To The KBA
Electric vehicle sales in Germany skyrocketed 13.6% in 2021, despite a global slowdown in auto sales owing to the crunch in computer chip supplies, as more car buyers opt for battery electric vehicles. According to data from the KBA motor authority, electric vehicle (EV) makers sold over 680,000 new passenger cars (BEVs and PHEVs) in… Read More
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Supercharger Bug Leads To Half A Million Euro Bill For A Tesla Owner In China
For a long time, Tesla owners were not required to pay anything at the company’s superchargers. However, with time the service was terminated. The major reason behind this was that the company needed resources to expand its Supercharger setup globally. While the system developed by the company for these superchargers is normally pretty good, there… Read More
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Did You Hear About Tesla’s Plans In Berlin?
Over the years, Tesla and delays have gone hand in hand. The situation looks no different even to this day. Why Is The Berlin Factory So Vital For Tesla? Tesla’s latest Gigafactory located in Berlin is vital for the company. The reason for this is that Tesla needs this factory to boost up the company’s… Read More
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Best-selling EVs in the UK 2021
Electric vehicles have been gaining market share in the past few years, and 2021 represented the best year sales, despite the lingering effect of the pandemic. The year saw the introduction of several models to the market while existing models continued to sell well. The top ten best-selling EVs in the UK in 2021 were:… Read More
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Top 5 EVs Sales in Finland 2021
Electric car sales in Finland continue to expand quickly, achieving a record annual result of 22.9 thousand new registrations in 2021. Other than having one of Europe’s highest market shares of registered EVs, the country boasts a wide range of e-mobility innovations that continue to gain momentum. As of 2021, the number of new electric… Read More
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Fact Check: The Range Of Top EVs Is Lower Than That Stated By The Manufacturers
 While EVs gain momentum and continue to become one of the fads of the modern-day, many people claim that the EV range provided by manufacturers is not what is delivered by their products. This might sound surprising and a bit disappointing, to be honest, but facts state that several top-notch EV manufacturers provide bloated range… Read More
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Best Selling EVs Worldwide Of 2021
As the EV segment has been booming throughout the globe in recent times, taking a look at which the best-selling EVs around the world were in 2021 is important to find out which were the top choices for so many customers and what made them so hot. Tesla Model 3 Tesla’s Model 3 is an… Read More
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NIO, The Biggest Competitor For Tesla?
Tesla is the biggest electric vehicle maker, with almost a million vehicles shipped in 2020. However, Tesla is getting competition from other EV makers, including other startups. One of the startups is NIO, a Chinese company making a splash in the EV segment. Given NIO’s recent performance, is it giving big competition to Tesla? With… Read More
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What EV you will prefer from the TOP selling 2021?
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