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Why Green Hydrogen Is The Future Of Energy
With the ever-growing need for alternative energy sources knocking on the door, nations across the globe are searching for affordable forms of energy production that can also be of benefit to the environment. One of the most promising options is green hydrogen. When water is split into its two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms, energy… Read More
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How Has The Covid-19 Affected The Growth Of Renewable Energy?
March 2020 marked the beginning of a highly irregular period in human history. In response to the emerging public health threat of Covid-19, countries worldwide closed their borders and went into lockdown. Almost overnight, industries, businesses, schools, and even sections of the government shut down. The result? Reduced transmission of Covid-19, an economic downturn, and… Read More
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Looking At Sustainable Transport As A Vision For The Future
As the population around the world is increasing rapidly, people are looking for newer and better ways to make the transport system not only effective but also sustainable. Why Is Air Pollution A Serious Issue For Mobility In Europe? The need for sustainability emerged when the global CO2 levels reached the ever high and thus… Read More
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What are the news from COP26, regarding EV?
At the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, as part of efforts to reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming, a coalition of governments, companies, and cities vowed to phase out fossil-fuel vehicles by 2040. The Glasgow Declaration on Zero Emission Cars and Vans, released at climate negotiations in the Scottish city, commits the organizations to “rapidly”… Read More
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