Best Selling EVs In Sweden 2021
Out of all the Nordic states, Sweden is the most pivotal because of the largest number of auto vehicles. The EV segment has been striving all over Europe but Sweden is a special case. The government of Sweden is offering a special bonus on the purchase of these vehicles. You can comprehend how famous the… Read More
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Best-selling EVs in the UK 2021
Electric vehicles have been gaining market share in the past few years, and 2021 represented the best year sales, despite the lingering effect of the pandemic. The year saw the introduction of several models to the market while existing models continued to sell well. The top ten best-selling EVs in the UK in 2021 were:… Read More
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Top 5 EVs Sales in Finland 2021
Electric car sales in Finland continue to expand quickly, achieving a record annual result of 22.9 thousand new registrations in 2021. Other than having one of Europe’s highest market shares of registered EVs, the country boasts a wide range of e-mobility innovations that continue to gain momentum. As of 2021, the number of new electric… Read More
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Watch Nissan & Infiniti EV Plans For 2025
While the world is seeing the transition to the electric platform, all automakers are trying hard to offer the maximum number of electric cars to gain the lead and get more sales. Nissan and its luxury brand Infiniti are no different in this regard as both companies have envisaged bold plans for their all-electric platform.… Read More
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Top 10 Electric Cars Sales in Ireland 2022 (Jan-Feb)
Over the past few years, electric cars have exponentially increased in number on the Irish roads. According to the stats released by SIMI, electric vehicles have managed to capture 10.79% of the car market mainly due to increased options, improved range, and better charging infrastructure across Ireland. The following list shows the top 10 Electric… Read More
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Review Of Best Cheap Electric Cars Of 2022
The EV market is presently booming which is mainly because of the huge benefits that such vehicles have as compared to their gasoline counterparts, however, despite all the hype, such EVs are more of a status symbol that only the rich can afford. People all over the world are looking for cheap EV alternatives to… Read More
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