Tesla Model X Review
Tesla Model X is one SUV that you see and instantly get the feeling that this is something different. It’s not just the looks of this vehicle, its falcon doors or the fast nature rather the entire package which makes the vehicle extremely adrenaline-charged. The ease of driving the Model X makes it extremely fun to… Read More
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Panasonic Energy & Tesla Have Joined Forces By Producing 4680 Battery Cells
The idea of the 4680 battery cell technology was first floated by Tesla for its Model Y vehicles to be manufactured in the Texas Gigafactory. However, the company simply can’t achieve the massive production quantum required for the project on its own. This is why it has to rely on several partners. Why Is Panasonic… Read More
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Tesla Has Increased Prices For All Models
The electric vehicle segment is heating up & major players have already been able to set themselves up in the field. Tesla is one such company that is presently operating not just in North America but also in Europe. Price Increase By Tesla Tesla has recently announced an increase in prices of all models. This… Read More
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Tesla Launched Model Y In The UK
Tesla, the industry trendsetter that is renowned throughout the world for its state of the art electric vehicles has already been acing sales in Europe, thanks to its Model 3. However, as the segment of SUVs is seeing a global increase, the automaker seems determined to offer its Model Y to other markets as well.… Read More
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New Tesla Model Y Model
When it comes to electric vehicles, Tesla is delivering dramatic results, which is why the company has been able to keep its top spot as the world’s number one EV manufacturer. The Tesla Model Y is an important EV for the company and in addition to the Model 3, it was the second EV from… Read More
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