Porsche Plans To Make 80 Percent Of Its Cars Electric By 2030
The German automaker, Porsche has recently released its goals regarding electrification. The company is now aiming to transform all its newly launched vehicles to be electric by the year 2030. Previously, the company had set the target of going 50% electric by 2025. This target had been set after the launch & success of the… Read More
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New Graphene-Based Battery Technology For EV Fast Charging
As the world is quickly headed towards a complete EV adoption, the biggest issue for those who decide to go down this lane is the extensive amount of time that the process of charging EV batteries takes. This is why scientists and EV manufacturers are always on the hunt for newer and better methods that… Read More
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Ford & Volvo Partner With Redwood Materials To Recycle EV Batteries
While electric vehicles continue to be regarded as one of the finest creations of modern-day man, the problem of global pollution is still immense. You would be thinking that now when we are producing more EVs than humanity has ever seen, why is the problem still so immense? But in these details lie the reality… Read More
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The Secret Car Pollution Problems
While everyone seems to be impressed by the concept of going all-electric for saving the planet by reducing carbon emissions, does the picture have more to offer than what meets the eye? This article delves into the details of the secrets of car pollution problems and what different steps are being taken for reducing the… Read More
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