Gogoro Introduces First Solid-State Battery Swapping For Electric Scooters

 Gogoro is a Taiwan based company that has its headquarters located in Taipei. It is known throughout the world for its innovative technology when it comes to battery swapping ecosystems.

What Makes Gogoro Special?

Gogoro is particularly famous for having produced more than 1 million compact sized batteries.

The company has the honour of being the pioneer in the field of battery swapping for light vehicles.

Last week Gogoro announced its first-ever solid-state lithium ceramic battery prototype.

Collaboration With ProLogium Technology

This newest addition to the company’s portfolio has been developed in collaboration with ProLogium Technology. This company was chosen primarily because of its competence in the field of Lithium Ceramic Batteries.

So what does this new battery have? Here is all that you need to know about this one of a kind technology from this leading company:

  1. It uses Gogoro’s proprietary battery management system along with the physical case;
  2. For energy storage, it is heavily reliant on ProLogium’s solid-state battery cell technology.

The new battery revealed by the company was tested by the Taiwanese media. It was put in Gogoro’s electric scooters for testing purposes.

Gogoro’s Network Makes Battery Swapping The Way To Go

The batteries produced by the company are incredible in that they can be replaced within seconds at the company’s battery swapping stations.

This provides an instant mechanism of replenishing the charging on light electric vehicle batteries.


Gogoro offers its own electric scooters which make use of the batteries produced by the company.  However, major manufacturers including Yamaha partner with the company to include its batteries in their electric scooters.

The battery weighs 9.5 kilograms which makes it easily removable. It gives two-wheeled vehicle owners the chance of getting from low battery to 100% within minutes.

What Are The Benefits Of The New Technology?

So what will be the primary benefits of this new battery technology? Here is what it will help us achieve:

More Range

The existing capacity of 1.7 kWh will be enhanced to 2.5 kWh. This means that the newer batteries will have 40% more juice. This higher energy density will be reflected in the additional range of the electric scooters.

 Higher Safety

A major benefit of this technology is its incredible fire resistance. This makes these batteries safer for use in electric vehicles including scooters.

Fast Charging

These batteries charge faster as compared to conventional counterparts.

ProLogium previously claimed around 12 minutes charging time which seems to have improved further with this version of the batteries.

Compatibility With Existing Gogoro Electric Scooters

Another advantage of this technology is that it can be used for the existing Gogoro electric scooters.

When Will These Batteries End Up Inside Gogoro’s Network?

While the company is still making big claims about this recent technology, it is worth noting that Gogoro networks won’t be equipped with them any time soon.

As a result, most users of the network will have to resort to the previous technology for a while. However, sooner or later, they will get their hands on these new batteries.

Author’s Take   

I feel that the recent development from Gogoro is not just going to benefit the company but the entire field of electric two-wheeled vehicles.

The owners of such EVs will now be able to use them as much as they want without having to wait for hours.



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