Watch Nissan & Infiniti EV Plans For 2025

While the world is seeing the transition to the electric platform, all automakers are trying hard to offer the maximum number of electric cars to gain the lead and get more sales.

Nissan and its luxury brand Infiniti are no different in this regard as both companies have envisaged bold plans for their all-electric platform.

What Are Nissan & Infinity EV Plans For 2025?

Nissan has recently revealed that the Japanese automaker intends to offer two different EV models for the US market from 2025 onwards, one of which will be from Nissan and the other has been planned to be launched by Infiniti which will also be the first EV by Infiniti to be made available in the US. 

The company even went so far as to show a sketch of what the vehicles might look like, and based on what we know so far, they could be the company’s attempt to replace the Maxima.

The Infiniti EV appears to be inspired by the brand’s Q lineup, implying that the company is making great progress in the electric segment.

Nissan To Go 40% Electric By 2030

Nissan is all set to go electric for at least 40% of all vehicles sold in the US by 2030 and the gargantuan company has already set aside a huge amount of €15.9 billion plan.
How Many New EVs Is Nissan Offering?

Nissan has already stated bold plans to launch as many as 23 EVs by 2030 for both brands combined and at least 15 of these vehicles are planned to be all-electric.

The company is also determined to provide better job opportunities, as evidenced by the €341 million investment in the production facility, which currently produces the Nissan Altima and Titan.

This step is expected to create up to 2000 new jobs, indicating that, in addition to going all green, the company is also interested in providing employment to more people to improve their living standards.

Remarks Of Nissan’s COO

Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer recently disclosed that the Japanese automaker is interested in taking dynamic measures to redefine its vehicles. 

He further added that Nissan is committed to making the overall operations more efficient and is working at multiple levels to achieve this.
Will The Ariya Replace Nissan Leaf?

As Nissan embarks on a new journey to offer the Ariya electric crossover, it has been stated that the Nissan Leaf, which has been in production in the United States since 2013, will continue to coexist as a lower variant that more people can afford due to its lower price.

The Chill-Out Crossover concept announced in December last year hints that the successor will be launched by 2025.

Infiniti Has No Intentions Of Staying Behind

Infiniti has already disclosed that the company is looking for ways to reposition itself and the launch of three electric vehicles has been one of the anticipated moves by the luxury automaker.

One of these was supposed to be fully electric however according to recent reports, all of them will be based on Nissan’s e-Power hybrid technology.
Infiniti’s Unexpected U-Turn In 2015

Infiniti was one of the leading companies when it came to showing interest in the electric market, however, the brand underwent a completely new dimension when it decided to take a U-turn in 2015.

Back then Infiniti indicated that the electric segment had no scope for a luxury automaker before 2020.

Better Late Than Never

Infiniti may be late to the segment, but it is better late than never because if Nissan and Infiniti are to remain viable options in the future, they must develop EVs quickly or their competitors will completely consume them.

Availability In Europe

While the two newly announced EVs are planned to be launched in the US market in 2025 when they will appear in Europe has not been disclosed for now and this is why we can’t comment about that. 

Final Verdict

The two companies are now on the right track, and we can expect them to deliver excellent results based on their previous achievements.



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