Porsche Plans To Make 80 Percent Of Its Cars Electric By 2030

The German automaker, Porsche has recently released its goals regarding electrification. The company is now aiming to transform all its newly launched vehicles to be electric by the year 2030.


Previously, the company had set the target of going 50% electric by 2025. This target had been set after the launch & success of the Porsche Taycan.

Taycan Sales During 2021

According to reports, out of the 300,000 vehicles sold globally by the automaker during the last year, 41,296 were the all-electric Taycan models.

This number was larger even when compared to the total number of Porsche 911s sold in the same time.

What Does The CEO Of Porsche Say About This?

The CEO of Porsche commented that the company now intends to launch the 718 sports car in the all-electric mode by the year 2025.

He said so while also clarifying that the all-electric Taycan model is 100% Porsche which is why it has been able to win the love and respect of the brand’s aficionados.

According to reports, the company is already selling 40% of its new vehicles based on the electric platform. However, to get this number, we need to also take hybrid vehicles into account.


The company is planning to launch the Macan electric in the near future which is likely to help the company improve its sales figures.

Role Of Porsche In Battery Segment

It is to be noted that Porsche is already heavily invested in EV battery technology. The company is working in this domain through its Cellforce division.

Porsche is looking forward to changing the dynamics of the operation of the electric platform while collaborating with its partners.

Financial State Of Porsche

The company recently announced details about its finances for the year 2021. Here is how the company performed lately:

– Revenue: €1 billion;

– Operating Profit: €5.3 billion.

These figures are at an all-time high, and Porsche’s management recognizes that this enormous success has been made possible primarily by the large number of electric vehicles sold by the company in the previous year.

Porsche’s Plans For CO2 Neutrality By 2030

While many companies are claiming to achieve CO2 neutrality by 2035, Porsche has been the industry leader in that it has once again emphasized that it is eyeing to achieve this milestone by 2030.

The company has focused that even its suppliers are bound to provide materials that have been developed using sustainable energy.

As a result, even the battery manufacturers working with Porsche have been barred from using any medium that does not lead to a sustainable future.

Recyclable Batteries For Porsche Vehicles

The side benefit of this step is that the batteries manufactured by different companies for Porsche vehicles will now be recyclable up to 90%.

This is a big number but with the growing global battery non-recycling concerns, major manufacturers have to take responsibility & Porsche has been at the forefront in this regard.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo To Set The Benchmark

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo has the honor of being the first vehicle ever that will have a CO2 neutral print throughout its use phase.


This sets the path for other manufacturers to follow. Not just because this will allow them to grab more sales, but also because this is something that we need for making our planet a better place to live.

Final Verdict

Porsche is a major manufacturer and the brand is taking the right steps that when followed by other manufacturers as well will allow us to live on a healthier & more sustainable planet.



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