GM Recalls Hummer EV Over Taillight Issue

The Hummer EV is probably one of the most anticipated vehicles of the modern-day. However, a recent bug is tarnishing the brand’s image by causing an issue related to the vehicle’s taillights.

What’s worse is that the problem can’t be resolved with a software update and Hummer EV owners have to visit the dealerships for the remedy.

GM has been at the forefront about this and took action before the issue could cause any harm to passengers.

What Exactly Is The Problem?

The automaker announced that it has realized that some of its Hummer EV vehicles fail to comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 108.

The problem presently being observed in the vehicle is of two different types which are:

– Either of the two, or both, taillights become inoperable;

– One or both of the taillights, stay fully or partially illuminated.
What Functions Does This Bug Affect?

Here are some of the functions that are adversely affected by this bug:

– Brake light;

– Turn signal;

– Taillight;

– Side marker.

Furthermore, the lights remain turned on even after the vehicle has been switched off. This poses the risk of completely draining the EV’s battery.

Unlike, ICE vehicles, this can be a major issue for an EV as in case the entire battery has been drained, it can affect the overall life of the battery in general.

Does The Problem Matter To The Vehicle?

Well, not directly. However, the indirect consequences are inevitable. This means that the Hummer EV owners can’t completely rely on their vehicles particularly for going anywhere far from an EV charger.

This is because even if their vehicle has adequate range left in it, the batteries will be automatically drained by the taillights that won’t turn off.

The taillights are small and might not be able to drain the huge battery of this mammoth vehicle quickly.

But still, would you risk going somewhere far in a vehicle that has its battery draining on its own?

And most of all, who knows what the bug might affect next. What if the headlights turn on themselves?

They will obviously drain the battery much quicker and can even heat the battery due to overuse leading to an EV fire in the worst case.

What Is GM Doing About It?

GM is cognizant that the Hummer EV owners are pretty scared at the moment. This is why the company has been relatively quick in rolling out software updates to resolve the issue.

But if you ask whether or not these software updates have been any beneficial, we’ll have to say that unfortunately, the results have been far from what the company expected.

For now, the owners of Hummer EV trucks have to visit GM dealerships to get the issue resolved. The replacement of the taillights is the only plausible option at least for now.

The vehicles are presently under warranty and thus the EV owners don’t need to pay for this service. However, they are not entitled to any reimbursement whatsoever.

How Many Hummer EVs Have Been Recalled?

Until now, a total of just 10 Hummer EVs have been recalled which is a pretty small number by any standard.

Will The Supply Of Hummer EV Decrease?

The Hummer EV is already a rare breed. The vehicle is presently available in small numbers only and thus the problem is not likely to affect the supply of the vehicle in the times to come.
What Are GM’s Future Plans For Hummer EV?

General Motors is expected to speed up the production of the Hummer EV from next year onwards. This is mainly because from then, the relatively less priced variants of the vehicle will also be available to customers.

Final Verdict

The problem with the Hummer EV is not the first in the electric world. In fact, how GM faced the issue is commendable.



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