Cybertruck Accessories For A Tesla Truck That Doesn’t Exist
Tesla is known for its sleek designs and cutting edge technology. However, the Tesla Cybertruck looks like it has been designed by a toddler. The sharp edges and unethical looks of the truck made the people laugh when it was launched in 2019 because even a vehicle from more than a century ago has better… Read More
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Tesla’s Water Problem
Water is life. We have been hearing this since our childhood. However, what if I tell you that water is vital even for advanced machines like electric vehicles? Last year, when asked by a journalist whether or not Tesla’s Gigafactory would cause water scarcity in the area, Elon Musk burst into laughter. Fast forward six… Read More
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Top Safest EV Picks For 2022
When it comes to vehicles, safety is paramount. This is why it is one of the determining factors for customers while choosing vehicles. The list of safest vehicles for 2022 has been recently announced by IIHS. IIHS is the acronym for Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This year’s safety picks were different from the past.… Read More
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Tesla Recalls – Why Are There So Many?
There is nothing new about recalls initiated by automobile companies. They happen once in a blue moon and only when a serious issue is discovered. But it becomes a huge deal when the recalls are too frequent. Currently, it is Tesla that’s under fire, and for good reason. The company issued a major recall in… Read More
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The Secret Car Pollution Problems
While everyone seems to be impressed by the concept of going all-electric for saving the planet by reducing carbon emissions, does the picture have more to offer than what meets the eye? This article delves into the details of the secrets of car pollution problems and what different steps are being taken for reducing the… Read More
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The New Tesla UI Takes Everything Wrong About Tesla Software & Doubles Down
Tesla‘s latest software, dubbed V11, was recently released. It has, however, received strong criticism. The reason for this is that, in comparison to the previous software version, V11 makes it more difficult to access vital functions. Over 1.4 million owners and enthusiasts are members of Tesla’s subreddit community. Several owners complained about the latest software… Read More
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Is It Possible To Hack Tesla And Have Full Remote Control?
Tesla is considered as one of the brands that are determined to modify human history altogether through its cutting edge state of the art electric vehicles. Even with a brand like Tesla, however, hackers from all over the world frequently attempt to hack into the company’s software to gain access to other people’s vehicles. David… Read More
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Tesla Get Complaints From Customers One More Time
In the world of electric vehicles, Tesla is the gold standard. By presenting technological feats, the company has been setting one record after another and wowing enthusiasts from around the world. However, there is another side to Tesla that isn’t so rosy. The company has often received complaints from customers. This article delves into the… Read More
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